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Texas Rediness Certification

The curriculum used at Monarch Early Childhood Academy is tailored to fit each child’s individual and developmental needs. Our goal is to design an early childhood classroom environment that nurtures the total development of young children by cultivating their social, emotional, cognitive, intellectual, spiritual and physical development. The curriculum used for each classroom is comprehensive and designed to encourage active learning. Since children need to be engaged in learning, we want to provide them with opportunities to touch, feel, experiment, and create. Classroom activities that provide these opportunities include teacher-guided activities through the use of curriculum, and child-directed activities through the use of learning centers and play. These activities offer a balanced approach to learning where children are able to experience integrated learning, and use their learning in meaningful ways.

The Innovations curriculum is used in the infant room. It provides experiences that are supportive, nurturing, and positive so that child development unfolds naturally for growing and learning.

ABCChildren as early as 13 months old, start their day off with devotion, praise and worship, and bible story time using the A Beka Bible Curriculum. Our toddlers also use the HighReach Learning Curriculum which provides activities that are designed to enhance the child's total development. The A Beka Curriculum is a Christian based academic program which gives children an enjoyable educational foundation and a desire to learn more. This curriculum features hundreds of superior quality, God-honoring textbooks, learning aids and instructional manuals. Most children receiving A Beka reading instruction are reading independently by the time they complete Pre-K4. The A Beka Curriculum is used in the Pre-K2, Pre-K3, and Pre-K4 classes .

The Saxon Early Learning Curriculum is a program that incorporates language development, early literacy, math instruction, science and social studies. Saxon Early Learning is aligned with the Texas Pre-Kindergarten guidelines which are objectives that the state requires all Pre-Kindergarten programs to teach. Saxon Early Learning also provides instruction that moves children from an understanding of their personal experiences to an appreciation of the wider world. This program will prepare children for many school and life experiences. The Saxon Early Learning Curriculum is also used as the primary curriculum in the Pre-K4 classroom.

As a Texas School Ready! Certified Academy, Monarch Early Childhood Academy is positioned to serve your children with the best possible childcare and head start programming. Please click here to view the certificate in its entirety.

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