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Texas Rediness Certification

Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

Preschool StudentMonarch Early Childhood Academy prepares the Monarch Butterflies (4/5-year olds) for early academic success in school. Our Pre-Kindergarten program is certified by the Texas School Readiness Certification System through the State Center for Early Childhood Development. This certification certifies that our facility’s early education program prepares children for Kindergarten along with the reading and social skills necessary to be successful throughout their education. He or she will be academically ready for school upon leaving our center.

The Saxon Early Learning Curriculum is used in Pre-K4 and supplemented with the A Beka Curriculum. Saxon Early Learning Curriculum is a comprehensive, fully integrated curriculum that addresses the educational needs of young children by incorporating language, mathematical, cognitive and social skills. In addition, this curriculum uses developmentally appropriate lessons and manipulatives to ensure that every student succeeds. The A Beka Curriculum is a Christian based educational program which introduces number skills, listening skills, language development, phonics, writing, and reading. Children also receive instruction in Computer, Spanish, Higher Level Thinking Skills, Health & Safety, Spelling, and Diversity. Our 4/5-year olds also wear uniforms daily and are part of a structured environment for school.

We spend a lot of time talking and listening to our preschoolers. This positive interaction encourages the development of emotional, language, and social skills and enhances the development of positive self-esteem. To ensure children are kept interested, excited and engaged in learning, we also promote creativity and self-directed learning through fun-filled activities.


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